MKT Depot


The MKT Depot, located on Main and Katy, was originally built about 1910; however, rail service in the area began before that.

By 1904, the MKT railroad service made its way to the area and during the 1920s, nine freight and four passenger cars stopped in Hominy each day.  Oil and cattle were frequently shipped via the railroads during that time, as pipelines for oil and large trucks for the transport of cattle were not readily available.

The train continued to run through the area until 1977 and even after most of the tracks were taken up, the depot still stands and serves as the home to the Chamber of Commerce.  Outside, on a stretch of the original tracks, sits a red caboose sporting the MKT logo on the side.


‘Railroading Through the Osage Hills’

by Arthur Shoemaker